And that’s all folks… for 2013!

Join us for one last market day this Saturday Oct 26, & enjoy the company & fruits of our vendors’ labour. We’ll be switching gears, & we’ll keep the local food conversation going on our blog. Hope you’ll join us there. For a more interactive experience, follow us on twitter, or become a facebook friend. Thanks for being a farmers’ market supporter!



Two days left!

That’s right, folks: there are only 2 more Withrow Market days left this season. Come join us, because there’s still loads of good local food available, and you can read about it in our Oct 19 newsletter.

Oct-19-Haystrom-potatoesSomething fun & educational to do this Sat Oct 19 is a vermicomposting workshop; that’s right: composting with worms!

Worm compost expert Glenn Muroe is doing a workshop in the garden of the Danforth Baptist Church (60 Bowden St. right at the corner with Danforth), from 1-3. No registration required, just show up! You’ll learn a lot about both indoor & outdoor composting with worms, how to build an outdoor bin, & you’ll be able to win a worm “door prize”, too! For info call 416-466-5658.

Because we love community & food…

Every carefully planned little detail and unplanned surprises (both good and bad) add to a complete market experience. Good things this coming June 15 market day: a rummage fundraising sale event, a small selection of crafts and handmade soap, music, sunshine, and plenty of gooood local Ontario food yumminess.

Spring produce from Fiddlehead Farm.

Spring produce from Fiddlehead Farm.